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This page is full of my art work, so feel free to scroll down and check out the pics if you are interested!

Stuart: 'Ello all! I'm am Stu, friend of John, Paul, George, and Ringo, and also known as the 5th Beatle. (smiles) I'm in charge of this page since art was my field. All artists have their own unique style which makes them them. So, enjoy these pictures.

The adorable Stu!


Stu: This is a cartoony self portrait of Layla. This is one of her better anime pictures, I believe.

Georgie Baby (my fav anime one)

Stu: For a while she was working on a Beatles manga, but I guess she gave up because it was too hard. Here's her favorite manga pic of George that she did. One thing I learned in life was never to give up. (looks thoughtful)

Pattie anime form

Stu: This is her manga Pattie...not the best she thinks, but her face turned out really nice. I really think the eyes are beautiful.

Salem Springfield

Stu: This is her own personal rock star she created for herself. She took the clothes and pose, but the guy himself is her own creation. His name is Salem Springfield and he's a character in her newest novel 'Sweet Tangerine.'I like writing myself...

With a flower

Stu: Another picture of me mate George. She used the computer to color this one. Not too bad for an experiment. (smiles) And I think it dose resemble Georgie a bit.

And then he kissed me!

Stu: Just a sweet and nice lil doodle of John and Cyn she did. I remember when they first started dateing... (laughs quietly to himself) Nice lil couple, they were.

John in anime form.

Stu: This is the best picture of John she ever drew...or so she says so on this lil card. (shrugs) And beleive me, he's the hardest for her to draw. I love how the coloring turned out and I like everything about it. This is one of the only pics I did that she didn't copy a pose.

Paulie Waulie

Stu: She likes this one too, and my friend who doesn't even like The Beatles likes this pic. Just all around cute n loveable Paulie! (raises an eyebrow) Was I supposed to read that part?

3 Beatles

Stu: This is one of her better real life drawings. George hardly ever turns out for her, but he doesn't look too bad 'ere. They all look good to me anyroad.

Paul is a big baby!

Stu: Pretty much self explanitory, but she thinks this is one of her best Paulie pics eva!

Georgeous George with cute Sunglasses

Stu: This is the best picture of George she had ever drawn! It took her forever to draw and a lot of patience, but she love it! This is her dedication to George Harrison. (smiles) God bless him. Great job Layla!

Long live Paulie!

Stu: This is her newest art piece inspired by Paul's going on tour in April, which she really hopes she can attend!She really like how this turned out! A good experiment.

Stu: If you would like to see some more art work, you can go to the next art page. I'll be there!